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Durham University Society of Change Ringers

The Durham University Society of Change Ringers was founded in 1959 and originally existed alongside the Durham College Society until the two merged in the 1960s.

The Society practices on Wednesday nights at St. Brandon’s Church, Brancepeth, 7:30pm to 9:00pm, and rings for Sunday service there each week during University term time. We also regularly ring at other towers in Durham and the surrounding area. We happily welcome ringers of all standards, including complete beginners, who we are happy to teach. We organise transport to Brancepeth from Durham – to attend a practice please contact Elizabeth ([email protected]).

The Society goes on termly tours, holds regular socials, and can often be found in the pub after (and/or before) ringing. We also host the annual DUSCR dinner where past and present members of the society get together for a tour and black tie dinner.

Background photograph is of St. Brandon’s Church, Brancepeth © Mike Higton, 2016.

Freshers Week!

Have a look below to see all of our events planned for Fresher’s week and beyond. If you have any questions about any of these or the society in general please get in touch with our master, Andrew Booth ([email protected]).

Also, we are on Facebook!

Make sure you give both our open Facebook page and closed Facebook group a follow!

Society Officers

Andrew Booth

Hello, I’m Andrew, I’m ringing Master. I come from London and have spent time ringing in Surrey and Hampshire. I like maths, Badminton and bells. I am quite keen on mini rings and I can drink anyone in DUSCR under the table. Contact me at [email protected]

Elizabeth Barton

Hi, I’m Elizabeth. I first rang a bell when I was 8 but I prefered watching football and bake off. Now I ring with DUSCR and spend most nights of the week in the pub! Contact me at [email protected]

Matthew Black

Hi I’m Matthew, I started ringing this year after being roped in at the Fresher’s Fair. I like Radio 4 and D&D. Contact me at [email protected]

Vera Paksy

My name is Vera and I am the current DUSCR Treasurer. I am a second-year maths student from Manchester who has been ringing on and off for 5/6 years. You can expect to find me playing the saxophone and doing yoga in my spare time to try and relax. Contact…

Lily Patel

Social Secrectary
Hi I’m Lily, I love bell ringing, Klute, Ubers and Paddy’s. Contact me at [email protected]

Cian Tempest

I’m Cian and I’ve been ringing for just over a year, having been taught by DUSCR at Brancepeth in my first year. Highlights of my first year include Summer Tour, the Pancake Social and, of course, our many trips to the pub.   Contact me at [email protected]

Kate Roberts

Handbell Master
Hi I’m Kate, I like handbells. Contact me at [email protected]

Non-Executive Officers

ChairpersonCian Tempest
Life Members’ SecretaryElizabeth Hopper and Rachael Sanderson
Central Council RepresentativePhil Hughes
Webmaster/Facebook MasterMiles Baker
SteeplekeeperIon Forbes, Ophelia Cornell
Assistant SteeplekeeperMolly Housley, Mythili Pagedar, Oliver Rice
D&N RepresentativeMiles Baker
Handbell MasterKate Roberts